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Choosing the right walker

walkers for the elderly how to choose a walker walker optionsWalkers must be functional, safe with easy maneuverability
If you find yourself or a loved one in need of additional mobility due to physical rehabilitation or a change in ability to get around in day to day life, you may ask yourself, "How do I choose the right walker for the elderly or senior citizen?"

The two main requirements of the right walker is functionality and safety. However, different conditions can dictate which walker you choose.
Some walker customers may have recently undergone surgery and will be walking without the assistance of a walker within days or weeks. That person may only need a wheel-less walker for a short period. For them, the main concern may be that it be sturdy and lightweight and will not require too much of a financial outlay. However, purchasing a walker is not something that you want to do based on price alone.
I have heard of some good-hearted patients who "purchase-up" when buying a walker. They buy a walker with a lot of the bells and whistles (seat, wheels, brakes, storage) and then donate it to a local charity when it's no longer needed.

Some concerns

Although rolling walkers are the most popular choice for most seniors, you need to consider the condition of the user. If, for instance, the elderly person has issues with memory, they may have issues with remembering how to use the hand brakes making using the walker a potential danger.

Some of the higher-end walkers have front wheels that turn 360 degrees, which makes it much easier to navigate turns for some, but has the potential to roll out of control if proper attention isn't paid.

Consult a professional if necessary

Whenever possible consult a healthcare professional, doctor, physical therapist or caregiver for any specific needs you or your loved one may need.

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Choosing the right walker

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